Italian Translator, Interpreter, Subtitler specialised in Audiovisual Accessibility
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Translation, Interpreting, Subtitles, Accessibility

I currently work mainly as a subtitles and accessibility consultant, and I like to support projects aiming to support disabled access, protect minority and endangered languages and encouraging multilingualism as a wealth to be preserved.

After a degree in Law and a Masters in Translation and Conference Interpreting I have studied, researched and practiced professionally for over ten years and in the most extravagant of contexts (from global conferences in Dubai to court hearings in the North of Scotland) as a freelance linguist from English, French, Spanish and Portuguese into Italian.

Passion then brought me to specialise in audiovisual translation and subtitling, as well as the wonderful art of audio description. I now work as a consultant in these fields for university research projects and private clients.

From my Edinburgh office I like to assist in groundbreaking projects that pioneer changes in these fields.
“One doesn’t translate from left to right, following the text, but only after one has made the sentence one’s own. It first has to be internalized, taken to heart. I read a book so often that my eyes ‘gouge holes’ in pages. I basically know it by heart. Then the day comes when I suddenly hear the melody of the text."
Swetlana Geier

About Me

I am a subtitles, translation and accessibility consultant. My working languages are Italian, English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.


Feel free to get in touch should you have questions or need guidance on an accessibility or audiovisual translation project.


Contact me with the details of your project and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Very professional approach, always available in the hectic interactions of formal and informal meetings and encounters at the event, with consistently high quality work, versatile, approachable by all - couldn't have asked for more.

Manager, LANDsARE Project



I am based in Edinburgh, UK
Email: contact[at]

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