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Translation finished! And now?

What a great feeling, finishing a translation and delivering it before the deadline! But if there isn’t another project scheduled for some time (I have two whole hours free!), the panick alarm goes off: what do I do now? what’s the next item on my To Do

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Describing worlds

As I was writing of translating worlds, I couldn’t help but thinking of this inspiring scene from the French film “Amélie”. Sometimes interpreting really feels the same as offering people eyes that can finally see, a true window onto new worlds…Amélie – Helping a Blind Man

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Hard of hearing subtitling technology

Technologies for Hard of Hearing are developing fast, here is an interesting idea from this Essex inventor: subtitles that are only visible when you wear special glasses. This way the rest of the audience cannot complain about subtitles hindering their viewing experience. At the end of the

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Let’s begin with translating worlds…

Here is a nice article on Translation as Performing Art on the NY Times, with an interesting distinction between “untranslatable words” and “untranslatable worlds“…  

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