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Translation finished! And now?

What a great feeling, finishing a translation and delivering it before the deadline!

But if there isn’t another project scheduled for some time (I have two whole hours free!), the panick alarm goes off: what do I do now? what’s the next item on my To Do List?


Here are some of my suggestions:


1 – Get in touch with your colleagues and people around you – Be Social!

How? Twitter, Skype, Facebook, but also on the phone or sipping a drink at your local café!

Why? To relax and keep in touch with the translation and non-translation community around us.


2 –  Discover Conferences, Meetings, Powwows and CPD opportunities

How? Online, on, your local universities website, the ITI website,…

Why? To get out of that office for a while and learn something as a reward!


3 –  Take a course

How? Free courses on Coursera will allow you to specialise and learn terminology on the most disparate themes you might be interested in. offers 1 hour courses on demand or live courses at scheduled times.

Why? Because we never stop learning.


4 –  A little treat

How? Going for a walk, a nice specialty tea, an ice cream, reading a book or magazine, sitting in the sun for a while…

Why? To boost your energy levels.


5 –  Update yourself on current affairs

How? Online/paper magasines and newspapers in all your working languages

Why? To expand your terminology, keep up-to-date with neologisms and be aware of what is happening in the word around us – very important in translation and paramount for interpreting at those EU conferences!


6 –  Update your online profiles, CV and CDP record

How? Armed with patience

Why? Because there are so many things we do that we may well loose track of them!


7 – Check your invoices

How? In your tidy (hopefully) invoices folder or with online accounting software such as

Why? Because running after jobs all the time, sometimes it feels like the payment becomes a matter of secondary importance!


If you have any more suggestions, feel free to add below.

Have a nice day of translation (and everything else)…



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